Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynaecomastia).

It is common for plastic surgeons to see male patients, who are very self-conscious about having excessive breast tissue. The condition is known as Gynaecomastia and can affect teenage boys or adult men of any age.

Occasionally Gynaecomastia is due to a hormone imbalance stemming from a serious medical condition, but most commonly there is no apparent cause found. It is important that your surgeon first establishes that there is no underlying cause before treatment options can be considered.

A variety of Gynaecomastia surgery options are available!

Surgical options for Gynaecomastia range from liposuction, to excision of the excess tissue via “hidden” incisions at the border of the areola. Often liposuction is combined with the excision during a single operation that is performed under anaesthetic as a day procedure in Hospital. The goal of male breast reduction surgery, is to achieve a smooth shaped masculine contour to the chest area and thus, alleviating embarrassment to the patient when wearing tight clothing or going shirtless.

In severe cases, it is occasionally necessary to perform two operations in stages and sometimes longer incisional scars are required, in order to achieve a good contour.

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