Breast Reduction Surgery.

Excessive size of the breasts can cause many problems including; neck ache, back pain, bra strap grooves of the shoulders and rashes in the skin creases under the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of the breasts may help to alleviate most of these problems, as well as improving your self-esteem by bringing the size of your breasts back into proportion with the rest of your body. The procedure is usually partially covered by private health insurance or Medicare.

The majority of women seeking breast reduction surgery are aged in their forties and fifties and have already had their families, but we’re seeing a significant number of women in their late teens and twenties request the surgery too. These younger patients are often troubled not only by the severity of the aforementioned symptoms, but also a profound social embarrassment that severely impacts on their lives. They often require a more extensive pre-operative counselling about the implications for breast feeding and recurrence of large breasts in the future, but most do go on to have the surgery.

The breast reduction surgery process.

There are many types of breast reduction surgeries, but all of them involve removing breast tissue, making the breast a more conical shape and repositioning the nipple to a more central part of the breast.
The surgery involves a general anaesthetic and can take about two hours. Most women are surprised at how little pain is present post-operatively and can often go home the next day after drain tubes are removed. Patients can shower over their dressings and are not required to wear any special garments. Most women get back to their usual activities in about two weeks.

All breast reduction surgeries create scars on the breast. It is rare for liposuction alone to be able to perform an adequate breast reduction. Dr David Ying will use a short scar technique where possible, but occasionally a full “Inverted T” scar is required.

Breast reduction surgery is associated with a very high degree of patient satisfaction – “I should have done this 10 year ago” is the comment that most patients make afterwards!

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